Caer bien with things

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Is the phrase "caer bien" only used when talked about people? Can it be used when talking about other things too? For example, would it make sense to say:

Me cayó bien el perro.

Me cae bien su pizza.

Le cae bien bailar.

Thanks :)
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    Hi HermanaHondureña:

    As a general rule "caer bien" is only for people, BUT:

    - since some people treat animals at the same level as people or family members, you may twist a little bit the thing and talk like that about an animal, but it would not be common, I think.
    - in some parts of latin america (and I don't know if some of Spain as well) I believe they use "caer bien/mal" about food, in the sense of not feeling very well after eating it. For example: "Me cayó mal la pizza" ("I feel bad after eating the pizza). I know it happens, but I don't know how often, some latin american can maybe enlighten you.



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    In Spain also, the food "cae bien". It is used especially when one is not feeling very well and it is not sure if the food is going to sit well.


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    With things, you use "me gusta" to say that you like it. You don't use "caer bien".
    Me gusta el fútbol = I like soccer.

    If you use "me gusta" with people, you are saying you "like like" the person, that you find them attractive/desirable. That's why you use "caer bien" with people that you merely get along with.
    Me gusta Jorge = I'm attracted to Jorge.
    Me cae bien Jorge = I like Jorge.
    He's a nice guy.

    With food, you can use "me gusta" to say that it tastes good, or "caer bien" to say that it did not sit well with you.
    Me gusta la pizza = I like pizza.
    Me cayó mal la pizza = The pizza (I ate) upset my stomach


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    Lo de ''caer bien/mal con comida'' no lo sabía. ¿No se usa más el verbo sentar? Me sentó mal el pescado, me sentaron mal las patatas.


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    Sí, "caer" es un poco más coloquial. Y se emplea sobre todo cuando uno está ya delicado del estómago antes de tomar la comida en cuestión.
    "Me duele el estómago; no se cómo me caerá ese caldo"
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