caerse simpático / caerse bien / caer bien

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I came across the phrase "caerse bien" while reading a poem entitled "Don Quijote Para Niños." I know "caerse bien" to mean "I like (a person)." Could I therefore assume that "caerse simpatico" means "I think that person is nice," or would that be an erroneous translation?

(The poem may be found at www dot poemitas dot com/dqpn dot htm. The entire stanza this phrase is found in reads as follows: "Aunque el hidalgo cenceño / pase por ser un lunático, / a mí me cae simpático / porque cabalga en un sueño.")
Muchas Gracias!
  • onelove

    Argentina, Español
    En efecto que alguien te caiga simpático en inglés se traduce como "I think he's/she's nice/amusing" depending on what you want to convey

    good luck!
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