café à l'eau de moppe

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    We are not allowed to translate whole sentences here, but from your thread title I understand that you are interested in translating "un café à l'eau de moppe."

    From Traduction du français au français:
    une moppe (tirée de l’anglais mop) est un balai à laver.
    It sounds to me that this is what is referred to in France as le jus de chausettes.
    In the U.S., such coffee is often called dishwater.


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    Your sentence must be ironic. Un jus de chaussettes, or de l'eau de vaisselle, or de la lavasse always refer to a very bad coffee. (I have never heard eau de moppe in France).

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    So a coffee made from dishwater?
    No, we wouldn't say that.
    If it is clear that you are referring to coffee, you would just call it dishwater.
    It would be helpful if you would provide some context so we could better advise you.
    I am rather perplexed by the use of "bon" in "Je bois un bon café à l'eau de moppe..."

    @Reynald & @snarkhunter: In my post #2, the link is to "Les mots québécois du quotidien..."
    For some reason, the "QC" (for québécois) following "moppe" did not copy when I did my copy and paste.
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