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    These appear to be particular government aid programs. In the U.S., most such programs are developed and administered at the state or city level, so they have a variety of names, and programs with the same name may provide different benefits in different localities.

    There are some federal aid programs, too. Food stamps, for example, help low-income people buy food at a lower cost. Here is a link to that program. There also is a program of federal loan guarantees for mortgages aimed at least in part at first-time home buyers. Here is a link to the agency that administers this program.

    But overall, I think it is unlikely that you would find exact analogues to the programs you ask about.


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    bonjour à tous!

    Y a-t-il quelqu'un qui puisse me dire ce que la CAF fait précisément? Je suis en train de lire un article qui comprend le terme <<CAF>>.
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