cagate en la cric- de tu madre

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    A friend of mine was evicted from her apartment by her Puerto Rican landlord. When her neighbor pleaded with the landlord not to throw her out on the street he responded by shouting: "Cagate en la crica de su madre!". If I'm not mistaken he said something like "I sh*t in the hole that she came out of." or did he say "let her take a sh*t in the hole that she came from/her mother's ****."?? What exactly is "crica" and how do you spell it? I think I know what it means, but I want to be sure. Once again I apologize for the vulgarity.
  2. rq554 Senior Member

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    This is definitely a swear word, and I don't think it's "crica", it must be "chinga", which is a Mexican expression, but I don't know the exact meaning of this word.
  3. Arnaldo Alegré

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    Hi there!
    Crica is also exist you guys, and it means the same.

  4. scotu Senior Member

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    RAE defines crica as :partes pudendas de la mujer (a woman's private parts)
  5. RedleyGreene New Member

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    No! It definately was not "chinga", I would've heard "chinga" if that was what he said. I'm sure it was "crica", but I am not %100 percent sure that I'm spelling and pronouncing it right. I clearly remember hearing "Cagate en la crica de su madre.", but it sounded so strange to me that I couldn't believe my own ears. I wanted to confirm that. Thanks everybody for the help. Oh, and I've also heard "chinga" used as in : "Gane un chinga de dinero". or "este hombre es un mujeriego, tiene una chinga de mujeres."
  6. lforestier

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    That is the correct spelling and scotu has given the meaning. This person must have been real mad as it is a very offensive thing to say in Puerto Rico. Literally, it means, "Go shit on your mother's pussy" .
    Chinga is hardly used in PR and only recently has it been used in slang.
  7. mirx Banned

    Chinga wouldn't have made any sense in that phrase. as chinga is not a noun but an adverb.

    Might be a noun only in reference to a another noun and qualifying it.

    Do you like to work?
    No es una chinga (work is hard and annoying)

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