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  1. Encolpius

    Encolpius Senior Member

    Praha (Prague)
    magyar (Hungarian)
    Hello, the word cage is used for both animals and birds in English. In Hungarian we use two different words for cage and birdcage. How about your language? Do you use the same word for animals and birds? Thanks.

    Hungarian: 1/ ketrec = cage for animals 2/ kalitka = cage for birds

    Czech: klec = cage for animals and birds
  2. jazyk Senior Member

    Brno, Česká republika
    Brazílie, portugalština
    There are two words in Portuguese as well. Hungarian ketrec is jaula and Hungarian kalitka is gaiola.
  3. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member

    In Greek:
    The word «κλουβί» (klu'vi, n.) is used both for the cage for animals and the birdcage. It derives from the ancient «κλωβός» (klō'bŏs, m.--> cage) which in Byzantine times became «κλουβός» (klu'vos, m.), diminutive «κλουβίον» (klu'vion, n.)
  4. sakvaka

    sakvaka Senior Member

    In Finnish, we use the same word häkki. We can use the compound lintuhäkki ("bird cage"), if we want to make us clear.
  5. enoo Senior Member

    French - France
    In French, it can be the same word... or not, depending on the size of the cage.

    A cage for animals : Cage
    A cage for birds, like the small ones found in houses: Cage à oiseaux
    A cage for a lot of birds/big birgs, like in zoo or petshops : Volière
  6. Maroseika Moderator

    In Russian there is one general word - клетка (kletka), diminutive from клеть (klet') - storeroom, i.e. originally it is just "small store".
    For the brids cage sometimes we use word combination птичья клетка (lit. birds cage) but in the clear situation just клетка is sufficient.
    I guess that's more or less how matters stand in all other Slavic languages.
  7. Favara Senior Member

    Catalan - Southern Val.
    In Catalan it's usually the same for both: gàbia.
  8. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    In Turkish we use one word for both: kafes
  9. Juan Jacob Vilalta

    Juan Jacob Vilalta Banned

    As far as I know, same word in Spanish: jaula.
  10. RaLo18 Senior Member

    Hebrew has one word for both: כלוב (kluv).
  11. OneStroke Senior Member

    Hong Kong, China
    Chinese - Cantonese (HK)
    Chinese has one word for both: 籠 笼 lóng.

    However, we usually specify that it's a 'bird' cage when referring to one: 鳥籠 鸟笼 niǎolóng.
  12. Holger2014 Senior Member

    In German, a similar distinction is made:
    A cage for animals: Käfig
    A (small) cage for birds, usually inside a house: Käfig or Vogelkäfig (Vogel = 'bird')
    A (large) cage for birds in a zoo or in petshops: Voliere (è being replaced by e)
  13. ilocas2 Senior Member

    Slovak: klietka - cage
  14. Holger2014 Senior Member

    ... or Vogelbauer but Vogelkäfig seems to be used more often. According to Google NGram Viewer, Vogelbauer was more popular some decades ago.
  15. Anja.Ann

    Anja.Ann Senior Member

    In Italian we use the same word: "gabbia".
  16. bearded

    bearded Senior Member

    I would like to add: ''gabbia'' is derived from Latin cavea, from which also Eng./French ''cage''.
    If a cage is small (as is often the case with small birds at home) we can use the diminutive ''gabbietta''.
    For a very large bird case, we, too, use the term ''voliera''.
  17. Anja.Ann

    Anja.Ann Senior Member

    Hi, BM! :)

    I entirely agree with you. :)
  18. Messquito

    Messquito Senior Member

    台灣台北 Taipei, Taiwan
    Chinese - Taiwan 中文 Taiwanese Hokkien 臺語
    In Chinese, both are 籠(子)
  19. Rani_Author

    Rani_Author Senior Member

    Indonesia - Indonesian
    In Indonesian, the small one is "kurungan", usually is used for one or two fowls. While, the big one is "kandang". For another animals. But, we also could use the term "kandang" for fowl's cage if it's so big (is used for more than two fowls).

    In Tetun, there is just one term. "Luhan".
  20. 810senior

    810senior Senior Member

    Cage for animals = 檻ori
    Cage for birds = 籠kago
  21. ThomasK Senior Member

    (near) Kortrijk, Belgium
    Belgium, Dutch
    Duch: kooi. No real distinction. But you can say vogelkooi (or volière) to make clear you mean a bird cage.

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