Cahier Anglais, UMP mat (printing)

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    Hi all --

    I am trying to translate a list of printing specifications from French into English. It's for a French magazine publisher.

    They have:
    "grammage Cahier Anglais: 70gr, UMP mat:

    I have it as:
    "paper weight Cahier Anglais in grams: 70 gr, UMP mat;"

    Question: do you think "Cahier Anglais" is a term specific to the French Magazine publishing industry? Or should it just be "English notebook or something? I have no idea what UMP mat is either. Would "mat" be something like "flat" or "matte" in English?

    Grand merci!
  2. gardian

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    It's UPM matt not UMP mat.

    This is a grade of paper, well-known in the trade apparently.$file/upm_matt.pdf

    As for cahier anglais, I do not know.

    It could be a paper size or a folding system or something else.
  3. Mike-NYC1 Senior Member

    I think you're absolutely right. I found the same site... Must have been a typo...


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