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    I'm trying to buy a Garfield comic book and Amazon France give me two options: cahier and broché. I know broché means 'softcover' but what about cahier? is it the book, but in a spiral notebook???

    Thank you!
  2. Michelvar

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    Originally, a "cahier" is a paper printed double sided, and folded: (explanation borrowed from here)
    Originally, a "livre broché" is when several "cahiers", each sewed, are glued together in a soft cover, like this.

    Nowadays, a cahier is made from folded sheets, but they are not sewed, they are stapled.
    Nowadays, "broché" means that some guillotined sheets are just glued in a soft cover, without forming a "cahier" first.

    So, a comic "broché" will quite easily lose its sheets.

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