1. Vertefille New Member

    Is anybody knows how to say "cahier d'ambiances" in english? For the time I'm thinking of "atmosphere book" but really don't know if there is a right term.
    A "cahier d'ambiances" is betwenn a notebook and a drawing book and it tries to described one or several atmospheres in grouping several things and materials photographs.
    The aim of this "cahier d'ambiances" is for example to inspire some photographs which will illustrate a catalogue of autumn clothes.
  2. Tresley

    Tresley Senior Member

    Yorkshire / United Kingdom
    British English
    Hello VerteFille,

    Well, this is not very easy at all to translate!

    The best translation that I can offer is:

    'book of artistic impressions'

    This would give the idea of what the photographer's work was meant to be like and what type of atmosphere he/she should produce.

    I hope this helps.
  3. Vertefille New Member

    That's real! So double thanks for your help!
    I think it's a good translation. :)

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