cahier de consultation

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    Can anyone help with the exact translation of cahier de consultation ?

    It appears in an invitation to tender for an RFID system.

    "Cette partie devra être explicitée dans la réponse à ce cahier de consultation.."

    I have translated it as consultation specification ?

    Many thanks !
  2. constantlyconfused

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    I don't think 'specification' is right - cahier des charges is something else entirely.

    Your translation depends on the nature of the document you are translating - presumably the cahier de consultation itself?
    Is it a form, a sheet, a document, a booklet, etc?

    My tentative suggestion is 'consultation form' - or maybe 'call for tender form'.
  3. Michelvar

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    You also have to consider if there are several parts in the call for tender. It's possible that "ce" means "this one, not one of the other call for tender form".

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