1. ankendosh

    ankendosh Senior Member

    I am not familiar with this term.

    From a document relating to air-traffic control, FR/EU french. This refers to various air traffic personnel.

    Le Chef de Tour, le Chef d’Approche et le Chef de Quart Vigie Trafic (CDG) utilisent le sous-service pour saisir les consignes du jour, les informations de travaux et le cahier de marche.

    Some french terms are different but I have not been able to find english versions of this term.
    I thought "workbook".

    Anyone who can help, thanks in advance!
  2. eden junior Senior Member

    The term "Cahier de marche" doesn't exist in French. We say "cahier des charges" which means "specifications".
  3. ankendosh

    ankendosh Senior Member

    i though that may be it, which makes more sense. I have never heard that term before, even in aerospace use!
    thank you.
  4. jetset

    jetset Senior Member

    My interpretation is feuille de route -the planning of the day, the instructions book/sheet. "Cahier de marche" may be acceptable in other francophone countries, I dunno.

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