cahier de recette types

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This is found in a list of items needing to be prepared in a Tender (along with blueprints, installation guides, maintenance plans, etc).
Rédaction d'un cahier de recette type = drafting acceptance plan types

??? Sorry I don't really have more context to give
  • Zyprexa

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    How about procedure or protocol for recette? Are you sure it wasn't in the plural, and it sounds like they are making something (a substance, food of some kind) I'm not sure you could have a recette for say a safety procedure or a gizmo. maybe a francophone de naissance could clarify. I agree with Carlos, but puzzled by the singular recette.
    Drafting (creating) a binder of model protocols (or recipes.) I have a slight suspicion that the writer s a little hazy himself.
    Drafting a recipe book (binder) of model protocols is also possible.
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