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  1. MeMyself&I New Member

    Salut je suis en train de préparer mon rapport de stage ( mon projet de fin d'étude ) en anglais et j'ai besoin de savoir comment on dit "cahier des charges" en anglais? Selon le dictionnaire on dit "scope statment" ou "scope"
    mais j'en suis pas sure!! SOS please

    How do we call the part of the preparation of a project for an internship report where we specify fuctional and non-functional requirements!! scope statement?Scope? or something else?
  2. GaryNZ New Member

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    You might sometimes hear "scope statement" or "scoping statement", but I prefer "terms of reference". This is understood to mean a definition of the scope of a study, and the approach to be taken to the problem.
  3. Herbert NYEMBO New Member

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    You can translate by Business requirement ("cahier des charges" in project management and "expression détaillée des besoins" are equivalent).
  4. Micia93

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    en technique (cahier des charges d'un client par exemple), on dit "specifications", est-ce que ça conviendrait ici ?

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