cahier d'exigences

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  1. HJR Member

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    Il [le Brevet Informatique et Internet] sera inclu dans le "cahier d'exigences" qui dessinera l'idéal éducatif collégien.

    is this something like a "wish list"? thanks
  2. pvarda Senior Member

    exigence is a requirement, so wish list is not strong enough
    requirement list?
  3. HJR Member

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    hello again pvarda. I agree that requirement list would more closely correspond to the French, but "wish list" is much more idiomatic. thanks for your help
  4. Pierre Simon Senior Member

    Hullo HJR :)

    How about something like : 'one of the must-haves...'?
  5. Kecha Senior Member

    French (France)
    except it's an official term, I'm not sure you can translate it loosely:

    "Le cahier d'exigence pour le collégien,
    publier en janvier 2002 dresse un liste des savoirs et compétences exigibles en fin de troisième en particulier en histoire, géographie et éducation civique."
  6. HJR Member

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    Kecha I agree, that's why I will not actually be using "wish list".
    As multiple examples of "cahier d'exigences" come up on Google, I thought there must be a nice, snappy English version. Maybe it's just a uniquely French concept...
  7. Kecha Senior Member

    French (France)
    This wouldn't surprise me, the French ministries and the ministry of Education in particular are quite often making up buzz words and fancy terms that are suppose to be all revolutionary but aren't quite new in terms of concept.

    even if it wasn't formalized in a "list of things pupils should know", the fact that there was school programmes and the Brevet test implicitely established that list...

    my opinion anyway...
  8. bh7 Senior Member

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    Perhaps "desiderata".
  9. Yulan

    Yulan Senior Member

    Hello everybody,

    Si l'on pense au Cahier de Charge habituellement émis pour une Offre Publique (par ex. CH), l'on dirait plutot Tender "Terms" or "Specifications" dans ce cas, peut être "Requirements Protocol" or something like that?

  10. bloomiegirl

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    Sounds like "requirements specifications."
    EDIT: Or "list of requirements"? ...Oh, I see Yulan's response is very similar. (Salut! ;))
    SECOND EDIT: If it's drawn up by a union (syndicat), maybe "list of demands."
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  11. Yulan

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    Hi Bloomiegirl!

    So happy to meet you over here!
    Take care! :)

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