Cahier d'exploitation

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  1. jonarbeiten New Member

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    Hallo, I want to translate the expression "cahier d'explotation" from french to english. It relates to documentation.

    The context is:"documentation is a need to go from writing to realization. This is the origin of the cahiers d'exploitation. We propose to start from cahiers d'exploitation and to enrich and structure this documentation. In a word: to archive"


  2. CARNESECCHI Senior Member

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    As far as I know, a "cahier d'exploitation" is a log book where you write down every significant (or not) event. This kind of book can be used during the preparation of the upgrade/improvement of a system to include fixes of the current problems in the design.
    The "before" log book can be used, after the upgrade too, to compare "before" and "after".
    Is it what you had in mind ?

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