cahiers froids

I am unable to discover what the UK English language for "cahiers froids" is; "cahiers froids" are special supplements to a newspaper sometimes printed before the daily/weekly ["cahiers chauds"] is printed e.g. Sunday Times colour supplements, or Times Literary Supplement, etc. Can anyone in the print journalism or newspaper printing world help me?
  • Hello. The only word I have ever heard in English is the one you have already mentioned: 'supplement'.
    My only doubt is that I'm unfamiliar with the term 'cahier froid'. I thought it was 'supplément' in French.
    Hello Omelette - Thanks! I have opted to use "supplement" and yes, I agree with you, I always thought it was "supplément" in French but this is an expression used in quotes as I wrote in my first post, by the Commercial Court of Paris in a judgment which I am translating ... I found the following article which may (or may not!) be of interest to you - scroll down to bottom of the page you land on until you get to "Lexique" ... and you'll see where I got my info about "chaud" and "froid". The site is Caractère: le site ddes professionnels de l'imprimé so I should guess they know what they're on about. :) Like your hen avatar by the way!
    Yes, clearly, that is a technical term. I did work as a journalist for a few years and I'm sure we never called them anything but 'the (x)supplement/pages' or 'the magazine'.
    But perhaps the printers had/have their word, referring to their schedule.
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