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What does "caiga rendido" mean? Could it be something like: It's up in the air, who knows...? Or maybe it's signifies that the topic is exhausted? Dictionaries aren't much help here.

Not much context for this one either. Again, it's part of one of Leon Gieco's songs: "Ante la luz de tus amores, de tu misterio divino, hoy no se, manana tal vez, caiga rendido."

Thanks all!
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    The real meaning is a kind of surrender and maybe the translation could be "Before the light of your loves, of your divine mystery, today I dont Know, tomorrow maybe I will surrender"

    I hope it could help you.....


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    Caerse rendido can be to collapse from exhaustion, or simply
    how you end up when you've had enough of something and you really can't take anymore. In the context of this song, it probably means to give up, or to give in. Perhaps Gieco is close to falling head over heels for someone, and he's just about ready to give in to the feeling and go with the flow...


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    "caigo rendido" is also heard in Alejandra Guzmán's song Volverte Amar:

    Porque siempre caígo rendido cuando tú me llamas
    Porque siempre a cada minuto te vuelvo a extrañar

    Would it mean "to give up" in this context as well?


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    I'm fairly sure it means the same as in the other song. Caerse rendido means both 'to give up' and 'to give in', as it can imply collapse -emotional or physical- and/or surrender. More colloquially I would say it means to cave (in).

    Hopefully you'll get some native confirmation of that.

    In the case of Alejandra, it should be caigo rendida (f).

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