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    Hello, I am translating a list of job duties of a packaging associate for an electronics company, and the person mentions that they lift "cajas de conectores, bandejas llenas y rollos de rapiar", and I was wondering if the correct translation would be "boxes of connectors, full trays, and rolls of ___"? I am unsure of the word rapiar and it could be a typo. This is a Puerto Rican's work history form if that's helpful.

    Thank you!!!
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    Hi, my guess is that the word "rapiar" comes from the English word "wrap". I'm 99% it's not a typo, just an invented word. Some Spanish-speakers, specially if they're greatly influenced by English (like in Puerto Rico), tend to take a word in English and "adapt" it to Spanish. So they took "wrap", pronounced as [ræp], and added the interfix "e" (mispronounced as ) and the sufix "ar" (a typical ending of many verbs in Spanish) to make it a verb in "Spanish". I think this is what is called "Spanglish". Most likely, they're talking about plastic wrap.

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