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How would you say "cake shop" in Portuguese? It is a noun meaning a kind of shop, where you can buy sweat, usually unhealthy products with good taste.

sweetshop is a synonym

example: Girls went to cake shop, because they wanted to eat something sweet.

(I am not looking for translating this example, I am looking for translating the term itself)

I tried 13 dictionaries.

For more info here is a picture.

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Thank you.
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    In Portugal we say doçaria, but we use this mostly as a generic term for "sweets", rather than a kind of shop.
    Other possibilities for "sweet shop" are: pastelaria (all kinds of sweets, and certain types of bread as well) and confeitaria (cakes, specifically, especially large ones, like birthday and wedding cakes).
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    Sorry, I don't think so
    In some places, one will also find delicatessen (at least, in Brasil).
    There is a very long list of English expressions which are misused in Brazil, but this one tends to be used correctly: a place to buy fancy (sometimes imported) food products, and it generally includes a sliced-to-order cold-cut counter.

    Besides Guigo's Doceria :thumbsup:, we also use Confeitaria in Brazil. I'd say that is the more common term.

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