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    How do translate calabre into English? The context is a highly decorated building:
    calabres que envolvem o edifício
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    Welcome to the forums, Avnunes! :)

    Wouldn't it be calabrês, like in from Calábria, Itália?

    ooops. there is this word: calabra but I can't see how it fits in the context:
    s. m. || cabo grosso, formado de piaçaba, a que se prendem os alcatruzes nas noras. || (Náut.) Cabo grosso, amarreta. F. talvez lat. Capulu-Cp. cast. calabre e cat. cabie.
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    If calabre is a king of rope/cable, it may be just that, as Portuguese architecture from the 16th and 17th centuries used a lot of nautical themes as motifs, among which ropes were particularly noticeable. It all boils down to the great navigations, Sagres' School and all that.
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    Thank you! Muito obrigada!

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