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Hi all, my first post ever, so,here goes:
I´m stuck for translating "calas" Context: about a series of thoughts (reflexiones sobre practicas psiquiátricas asistenciales).

Debemos advertir que son una serie de calas que detectan algunos puntos debatibles....
My attempt: "We should warn that these reflections are a series of ....calas......... that detect some debatable points

All and any help most welcome. Thanks in advance. Love this site.

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    Thanks Ciprianus, but I don´t think so as it´s not about physical surgery, but more about reviewing a document written by rapporteur Dainius Puras
    (A7HRC/29/33). on mental health.. I appreciate your reply regardless. Am I on the right forum for this type of context?


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    Lo de calas es en sentido figurado, viene al caso porque la psiquiatria es parte de la medicina.
    Otra definición de cala:
    11. f. Investigación en algún campo inexplorado del saber. DLE


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    Maybe this might help? hacer cala y cata Reconocer o examinar alguna cosa para saber su cantidad o calidad. It kind of fits with detect some debatable points


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    Immense thanks to both of you. This is great because it begins to make more sense...So perhaps I could write translate "calas" as "insights" or observations?
    "We should warn that these reflections are a series of ...(insights ) .calas. or (observations)........ that detect some debatable points.
    Thanks for your generous help!!!
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