1. Brighton Belle Member

    England, English
    Hi everyone is it correct to say calcetines naranja or calcetines naranjas? I have a feeling there may be a specific grammatical rule around this?

    Thanks, Brighton Belle.
  2. xqby

    xqby Senior Member

    Oxnard, CA
    English (U.S.)
    Well, unless you made socks for your fruit it would be "calcetines anaranjados."

    The rule is that adjectives agree with their nouns. "Calcetines" is plural masculine, thus "anaranjado" is as well.
  3. Brighton Belle Member

    England, English
    Thanks for your concise response. Much appreciated; Brighton Belle
  4. franmadrid Senior Member

    spanish madrid
    "Naranja" is also the colour, not only the fruit.
    So you can say "calcetines naranjas" or "calcetines de color naranja"
  5. El Patillas Senior Member

    Actually, adjectives that original are nouns, can stay unmodified.
    Rosa, violeta, lila, naranja, granate, malva...

    But the use is very different depending on where you are, and in novels it's about 50-50.
    But you never modify in gender

    I give you some examples:

    Florecillas violeta/s
    Labios violeta/s (notice that you don't say violeto)
    Vieron bandas de flamingos rosa
    Josefina sólo lee novelas rosas
    El aeropuerto está lleno de luces naranja
    Todos los miembros de la secta vestían un jersey naranja, pantalones naranjas, camisa naranja.

    Something that always works is the construction: /de/color+colour:
    "Llevaba unas medias de color naranja colgadas de unas increíbles ligas moradas"

    (feel free correcting my English) :)
    Espero haberte ayudado
  6. Brighton Belle Member

    England, English
    Thanks so much for your detailed reply Elpa. This has explained to me why I was getting so confused. Me ha ayudado mucho. Gracias.
  7. El Patillas Senior Member

    You're welcome :)

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