Caldera acuotubular/acuotubulares


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I am trying to translate the following sentence but am a bit lost. How would you translate "calderas acuotubulares" into Spanish? Does my translation makes any sense to the engineers around? Your help/comments is/are highly appreciated.

contexto:"El vapor se produce en calderas acuotubulares, alimentadas por agua condensada procedente de los primeros efectos de la evaporacion..."

So far, I've temptatively translated this sentence as:" Steam is produced in fire-tube boilers that are fed water condensate resulting from the first evaporation process"...

Could someone give me a hand?

THX to all!
  • Hi Emphyrio, good to see you again :)

    I suppose you meant "into English", right? ;)
    How would you translate "calderas acuotubulares" into Spanish?
    First of all:
    caldera acuotubular = water-tube boiler
    Now the text fragment:
    Steam is produced in water-tube boilers, which are filled with water resulting from condensation of steam resulting from the [first evaporation ???...]
    To finish the fragment properly (as opposed to butchering it :eek:), one would need to see more of the original phrase.

    Please note that, since this is a technical text (as opposed to a literary one), I took a few liberties with the translation, for the sake of technical accuracy. In particular, I added the word steam, not present in the original text. The latter is technically incorrect, as it should have said vapor condensado (=agua)

    Hello Coolbrown!

    yes... English indeed... I'm only going "slightly mental" over this translation... I'm no translator, no engineer, and no remolacha lover (anymore ;)

    Thanks for the "water-tube boiler", that most helpful!

    As for the text, that's what it is... the end is a full-stop! then it goes on about how many calderas there are in the factory.

    I guess that "evaporacion", as you rightly pointed out, refers to condensate form another process... as to which one?... God himself might not know... I "dangerously assumed" that it was the one from the first evaporation... I shall change that to "one of the evaporation processes".

    Do you, by the way, know what CV means (not Curriculum V)? is it Horse Power? CC?

    Many thanks for your repeated help... we will probably meet again later!