Calibration due date


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Hi everybody, is there any engineer there?
I have a question, when we talk about a "calibration due date" in a document related on instrument calibration that means "calibration expiration date" ?
Thanks for your answers
  • Egmont

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    It is the date by which the device should be calibrated again. (It can be calibrated earlier, of course.) That is also, as you wrote, the date that the device's previous calibration expires.

    Uncle Jack

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    There may be some leeway. Stickers on measuring equipment may say "calibration date" (the date it was last calibrated) or "calibration due date" (the date it should next be calibrated), but most organisations having calibrated equipment have a procedure governing how calibration is to be managed. Where I used to work, this procedure said that the previous calibration remained valid up till the end of the month of the calibration due date. For example, a device might need calibration every six months; it was calibrated on 2nd January and labelled with a calibration due date of 2nd July, but it would not actually need recalibration till 31st July. This sort of thing is quite common.
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