caliente (Cuba, sexual)

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  1. jacq10 New Member

    I was recently in Cuba and there were a couple words that they used and need to know the proper spelling and meaning...

    Spanish to English?
    precioso? -
    English to spanish
    your little princess -

    Thank you!
  2. Keikikoka Senior Member

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    Precioso = precious (usually in the cute/pretty kind of way)
    Caliente = hot/heated or sexually excited.
    Gricco... I'm not sure on this one, but I'm also not familiar with Cuban slang. Are you sure you didn't hear gringo? That's a term for an American and can be either positive, negative, or neutral depending on how it is used.

    My little princess = mi princesita, mi princesa pequeña , mi princesa chiquitina
  3. jacq10 New Member

    Thank you...

    I am pretty sure the grecco - was some sort of slang for wonderful/great? Not too sure. Is there a word for WOW?

    Is precisio spelled correctly?

  4. the_oc

    the_oc Senior Member

    Argentina, español. not sure. i mean we all say wow
    but could be amazing, awesome
    any suggestion?
  5. micafe

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    I think that 'gricco' is 'rico'. A word commonly used to describe anything that's good, not only someone who's wealthy. The strong pronunciation of the 'r' made it sound like 'gr' to your ears.

  6. micafe

    micafe Senior Member

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    Spanish - Colombia
    Tu princesita


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