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    What is the difference? cualificar/calificar???
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    Hi kxs,
    it's been quite a lot of time from your question. Hope you read this and find it useful.

    Cualificar =
    1) to train a person to do something in particular.
    Un arquitecto está cualificado para diseñar edificios seguros.

    Calificar =
    1) to evaluate something -an exam, a behaviour
    Mi calificación en el examen de inglés ha sido un 7.5.
    Pegar a un menor está calificado como inmoral.
    2) to pass a test and continue in a series of tests -specially in sports, e.g. athletics, championships, etc.
    El esquiador español ha sido descalificado por uso de drogas.
    (This second concept it's normally used in the negative way more than the positive one)

  3. kxs New Member

    US english
    this is a very good explanation and example
    thank you so much!

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