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    I am trying to translate this into Spanish...
    I have tried "Testamento Legal de California" but I am not sure if that works...

    Thank you,
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    I do not think it does. It implies that a will not in the form of the statutory will is not legal. (I concede that the English may imply likewise, but a quick Google suggests that the form is one available for use for simple home-made wills.) Perhaps "testamento en forma estatutaria de California"?
  3. Hi TruVol.

    It would be translated as "testamento legal".

    Anyway, the problem is not the translation, but the meaning of the term.

    Thus, if you are in California (as it is the case), the term stands for a standard form provided by the State law to meet the needs of people with modest properties consisting of a series of checking boxes and text and select fields to be filled by the testator.

    If you were in the United Kingdom, the statutory will would be understood as the one approved after a special procedure before the Court of Protection as a legally valid and binding document to safeguard the rights of someone who do not have the mental capacity to make a will for themselves.
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  4. TruVoL New Member

    Thank you so much for your comment,

    I had a look and also thought "Testamento simple de California" or "Testamento simplificado de California" could work, as it is a simple will everyone can execute just filling the blank gaps :)
  5. TruVoL New Member

    Hello and thank you for your answer,

    I thought about "testamento legal", but it seems like another kind of will is not legal... so I had a look and saw it is a simplified will for people with modest properties, so I thought about "Testamento simple de California" or "Testmento simplificado de California"...
    What do you think?

    Gracias :)
  6. OK. If you are looking for a non-literal translation, then perhaps the second option "testamento simplificado", which is a common term in diverse legal contexts.

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