call forth regulatory intervention

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Gio Vargas

Peruvian Spanish
Buenas tardes,

Espero que puedan ayudarme con una expresión al español: “call forth regulatory intervention”. Muchas gracias:

“In the absence of regulation, fish stocks are depleted to dangerously low levels as each trawler owner has a private interest in fishing as much as he can except that, when all behave in this way, fish stocks are depleted to the extent that everyone loses. These situations frequently call forth regulatory intervention of one sort or another as reliance cannot be placed on private behaviour for the collective good.”

G. Vargas
  • JB

    Senior Member
    English (AE)
    It means that they, figuratively, "call forth" or "request" intervention in the form of regulations, laws, that will apply equally to all involved, so that no one gets a specific advantage, and at the same time, the fishing stocks are not depleted. (If I continue to fish as much as I can, while you do not, I lose, you win.)

    Tal vez:
    Exigen / piden la imposición de leyes / regulaciones / control legal? Algo así
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