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  1. nolydil New Member

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    Is anyone able to explain the difference between "Call forwarding" and "Call diverting". I need to translate them in French.
  2. Hakro

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    Hi Nolydil, welcome to the forums.

    According to Wikipedia, they have the same meaning.

    I'd translate it renvoi d'appel, but wait for the natives.
  3. zaby

    zaby Senior Member

    I agree :)

    Edit : About the difference between them, I'd say that it is called "diversion" when the called party reroute the call while the phone is ringing while a "call forwarding" is set once for next calls matching a criteria (forwarding on no reply/ on busy/ on caller ID/...). As far as I know, in French we say "renvoi d'appel" or "transfert d'appel" for both.
  4. nolydil New Member

    India - English
    Thanks a lot.
    So would you say that they have the same meaning and that we can use either of them?
  5. zaby

    zaby Senior Member

    Yes, looking at some French telco websites, I've seen for example that some of them use 'renvoi' when others use 'transfer't, for the same service.

    To be more precise, I'd say 'transfert d'appel' is more likely to be used by people at large whereas 'renvoi d'appel' is more a technical term.
  6. nolydil New Member

    India - English
    Thanks a lot for your help.
    Really nice to be able to ask someone else.

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