call in various futures


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Dear all,
Could you please help me out with a difficulty in the novel by
Peter Mountford "A Young Man’s Guide to Late Capitalism"?

The auther describes the morning of SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 in an New York office building where one of the hedge-funds is situated.

Then, while the rest of the building was busy evacuating, she and Paul started setting up hedges against the inevitable crash. Outside, paper drifted down like a ticker-tape parade.
Markets in New York were not yet open, but Priya and Paul were able to sell most of their long positions in Brazil and set up some short sales on the FTSE. They preemptively called in various futures.

I've read all 'call in' threads of WR, but here, as it seems, the phrasal verb is used in a special meaning. I would surmise that Priya and Paul either bought various futures or sold them. To my mind they could not do anything else. But what in particular did they do?
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