call offs against a blanket order


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I'm trying to understand an expression that I have found in a company newsletter. Here is the sentence:

The X team received $9M of call offs against the blanket order with KBB for the XYZ project.

What does this sentence mean? I found an explanation of blanket order on Wikipedia ( but I don't know what 'call offs' means.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
  • dn88

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    Hi, I think "call offs" is a plural noun derived from the phrasal verb "to call sth off" which means "to cancel, to end, etc.".


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    Please wait for confirmation from a BE speaker, as this appears to be BE terminology.
    according to an earlier thread-mostly in Spanish, but the pertinent post#5 is in EN—a call off is a
    request to ship a specified quantity when a blanket order exists.

    Look at #5 here:

    Here is an example of the way one firm uses the terminology:
    Blanket orders - The blanket order feature allows the customer to perform dynamic call offs at their convenience. The system will release the call off quantity to Epichem's Order System, and automatically reduce the blanket by the corresponding amounts.

    Do not confuse this order processing terminology with the phrasal verb "to call off"=cancel.


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    Hi dn88, thanks for your reply.

    For me also, to 'call off' means to cancel. So how can the team receive '$9M of call offs' ? if 'call off' means cancel, then they wouldn't they lose $9M?

    In the original post, I forgot to mention that this was one item among a list of successes by various company teams around the world.


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    In AE, we get Blanket orders with Releases.

    Properly "releases" will be noted with the purchase order as to the quantity and dates. For example:

    Blanket order: 1,000,000 pieces

    Release: 250,000 pieces January 2nd
    250,000 pieces March 1st
    250,000 pieces June 1st
    250,000 pieces Sept 1st.

    Very often we will get a blanket order that reads like this:

    Blanket order: 1,000,000 pieces

    Release: 250,000 pieces January 2nd
    Balance TBA (to be advised)


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    "Call-offs" means partial deliveries against a larger order.
    For example, A orders 10,000m of fabric from b. They use approximately 2,000m per week. Whenever B's production manager sees his stock is running low he "calls off" (asks A to deliver) whatever he will need for the next week. When the order has all been delivered they place a new order based on their estimated future requirements.