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  1. Redfield Member

    Have I used correctly the idiom in the sentence below?

    A: Joe is hardly ever on time for work. I think he should be relieved of his duties.
    B: I don't know man, he's good at what he does. I'd say Mr. Andrews is the one to call the shots.
  2. kentix

    kentix Senior Member

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    Not exactly. In this context I think you're looking for a similar sounding phrase.

    I'd say Mr. Andrews will be (should be) the one to make the call.
  3. Redfield Member

    Thank you. Could the phrase be interpreted as he should make a phone call?
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  4. kentix

    kentix Senior Member

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    No, it means he should make the decision. (In this context.)

    In a different context it could refer to a phone call.
  5. kentix

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    Someone who is calling the shots makes all the important decisions, sometimes from behind-the-scenes where people aren't aware of his power.

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