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"There were too many dubious calls to continue putting off giving coaches the right to challenge bad calls through replays, a practice that has become routine in American football, tennis and other sports." (taken from New York Times)

I don't understand very well this sentence. What is the meaning of "call (bad call, dubious call)" in this context?
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    A "bad call" is an incorrect or controversial decision by a referee. For example, in soccer, the referee says it's a foul for a non-goalie player to touch the ball with his hands, although a video replay would reveal that the player hadn't actually touched the ball at all. The referee either made a mistake, or is corrupt.

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    Did you check the dictionary? Definition 11:

    (of a sports official)
    • to pronounce a judgment on (a shot, etc.):The batter was called out on strikes.

    • to put an end to (a contest) because of bad weather, etc.:The officials called the game because of darkness.
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