calla lilies with the texture of ice-cream

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Dear all!

Could someone please explain about the "texture" in the following phrase taken from "The 42nd Parallel", written by Dos Passos:

"... and often there would be friends waiting for her, young architects or painters. There'd always be flowers, calla lilies with the texture of ice-cream or a bowl of freesias."

smell or touch or what?
  • Wow! You've got some pretty tricky phrases Karoba!!!

    The texture of the flowers must have somehow been reminiscent of the look of vanilla ice cream - the texture would be what you feel, or what you see, what the flower would seem to be made of. Texture could also refer to taste, but you don't eat calla lillies, of course. And I have never heard "texture" used to describe a fragrance (smell). And Calla lillies have no fragrance, I believe.
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