calle, llamar, Guillermo

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    I would like to know what native Spanish speakers would recommend with regard to the pronunciation of 'll' in these words:-

    calle, llamar, Guillermo

    Thanks in advance.
  2. sifueratica Senior Member

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    Depende del país. Para mí la ll sería como y: caye, yamar, Giyermo. Los argentinos lo pronuncian como sh, los uruguayos como j.
  3. emm1366 Senior Member

    En Colombia se pronuncia como la "y" en "Yes"
  4. Kraken

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    Valladolid (España)
    Castellano (Español)
  5. Pinairun

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    I'm a native Spanish speaker.
    I learned from my parents and teachers how to pronounce /ll/ and so I do even though some people say that this sound isn't of Spanish language.

    Calle, llamar, Guillermo.

    I prefer /ll/ to /y/


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