called things off on the last road trip

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Barba: I know this is hard to watch, but there was a camera in your hotel room
Avery: Rick sent this to Jason. Why?

Benson: Jason got this video anonymously two weeks ago.
Avery: That explains it. Jason called things off on the last road trip.

(From the series: "Law and order").

The context: Avery is a sports reporter who is stalked by her cameraman, Rick. In this scene, the characters are watching a video that shows Avery a and Jason (a network anchor with whom she had a fair) having sex, a video sent to Jason by Rick.

What does it mean exactly: called things off on the last road trip?

Thanks in advance.
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    Jason broke up with me – called our relationship off – on our last trip together.

    A road trip is when you travel away from your headquarters on assignment.
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