Calm/peace finally returned to the city


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Hello everybody

The police arrested some dangerous criminals who used to threaten the lives of citizens.
The commissioner said:
Are these two sentences correct?

Peace finally returned to the city.
Calm finally returned to the city.

Thank you in advance.
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    I would say calm ... peace is too large and impossible a thing to return to an entire city, sorry to say. And I think traditionally police restore calm, not peace.


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    No. (i) In this example, peace and calm are inappropriate adjectives. The converse might be strife and mayhem, and the gang did not cause strife and mayhem, they cause personal insecurity. (ii) As it is reported speech, the commissioner's words would be in the past perfect.

    "The commissioner said that the riots had now ended and that peace and calm had finally returned to the city."

    "The commissioner said that with the arrest of the criminal gang, the city was finally a safe place to be." (Less likely: "personal safety had finally returned to the city.")
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