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Me imagino que "calm the corners" tiene un significado no literal, pero no lo encontré en ningún diccionario. Agradezco cualquier sugerencia.
El contexto habla de Dios. Aquí copio todo el párrafo, solo como referencia.
He opens those doors we didn’t even have the ability to knock on. He removes those people who sought to remove us first. He overcomes the obstacles our emotions may throw in our path. He calms the corners that look too difficult to handle on our own. He is the way.

He calms the corners that look too difficult to handle on our own.

Mi intento: Él calma las situaciones que parecen demasiado difícil de manejar por nosotros mismos.
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    Your translation is probably fine, but I think the writer is using an auto racing metaphor here. On a racetrack, there are corners that are very difficult to drive at high speed, because they have a tight radius, or are downhill, etc., and the writer seems to be saying that God makes such corners easier to go around.

    However, there is probably no need to convey that metaphor in your translation.


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    No se me ocurre nada mejor. Si gengo tiene razón, con eso del racetrack, no veo cómo encajarlo en español, suena raro.

    ...parecen demasiado difíciles de manejar por nosotros mismos.
    ...parecen demasiado difíciles de superar por nosotros.
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