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Buona sera, e come si tradurreste questa parola, 'calzaturiero'. L'ho trovato sull quotidiano on-line in questa frase;

Good evening, and how would you translate this word; calzaturiero?
I found in in an on-line newspaper, in this sentance;

'Il funzionario dell'Uif, che si occupava del settore calzaturiero, ...'

Vi ringrazio per le vostre spiegazioni, grazie mille
Many thanks for your explanations

  • moodywop

    Italian - Italy
    Actually I'm not sure how you would say it in English - shoe making/production? Or would you use footwear here?

    Btw calzaturiero is an adjective derived from calzatura(footwear)

    You little ripper!

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    Australian English
    I think it would be the footwear industry as shamblesuk suggested, or simply the shoe industry. I don't think it's just restricted to the making or production of footwear, but the whole industry.
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