cama matrimonial

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  1. workman Senior Member

    English UK
    What is the equivalent to "una cama matrimonial" in American sizes? Would it be a full or a queen-size bed? Thanks.:)
  2. jacinta Senior Member

    USA English
    I suppose it could be either but the traditional translation is double or full bed.
    Queens are more standard now in this country. Let´s wait for a native opinion.
  3. epasten New Member

    I agree with the queen bed. Kings would be some extended version. A "cama matrimonial" is 1.5 mts. wide. That should give you a reference.
  4. Basenjigirl Senior Member

    English, USA
    Based on my extensive travel experience in Spain, "cama matrimonial" is most definitely a double or full size bed. It is not an American queen size bed. At least in Spain, it's not.
  5. Andre23 New Member

    Argentina- Spanish
    She is right. "cama matrimonial" is a double bed, or full bed. It has nothing to do with the queen size.
  6. veto86

    veto86 Member

    mexico- español
    cama matrimoial aqui es una "full bed"
  7. Jeromed Banned

    USA, English
    Double bed, in my dialect of English.

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