1. hidalgo New Member

    English US
    Does the Spanish expression "cambiar a la par" mean "to place on an equal footing"?

    It is used in the following phrase:

    La oficina debe rendir cuenta a la administración, pero debe tener cierta autonomía, y no cambiar a la par que cambian los distintos gobiernos, los alcaldes, etc.

    (My translation: The office should give account to the administration, but should be autonomous, and not be treated on an equal footing with governments, mayors, etc.)

    Many thanks.
  2. volky

    volky Senior Member

    Puerto Rico, USA
    In you context, it is more like this:

    ... and must not change at the same time that governments or mayors change.

    Maybee you can find a better way of saying it, but I hope you have the meaning more clear now.
  3. hidalgo New Member

    English US
    Oh, I understand know.

    cambiar a la par = change at the same time or change in the same way

    Many thanks!
  4. Josesao

    Josesao Member

    La Paz, BCS
    mexican spanish
    una pregunta, ¿como puedo expresar en inglés lo siguiente?:

    ... los datos se comparan de manera apareada....

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