Cambios en la forma, adaptación, tamaño y color...

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    I'm translating a dental form and I had a question about the following sentence:

    "Estoy enterado que la última oportunidad para hacer cambios a mi nueva corona, puente, o caperuza (incluyendo cambios en la forma, adaptación, tamaño y color) la tendré antes de la cementación."

    My attempt: "I am aware that the last opportunity to make changes to my new crown, bridge, or cap (including changes in the shape, adjustment, size and color) will be before cementation."

    Is "adjustment" a good translation of "adaptación"? Or could it be "fit," or something else altogether? Thanks!
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    I think it could be either...
  3. samuelito.mcf

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    I agree, it could be either, but I'm leaning towards fit.
  4. NinaDee Senior Member

    Thanks to both! I'm going to use fit.

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