came charging up

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Hej, Jakbyście przetłumaczyli pogrubiony tekst? o co może chodzić z tym "came charging up Interstate" :D

Tekst pochodzi z ' SHITSHOW! Ameryka się sypie, a oglądalność szybuje''

And so here he was again at the latest media spectacle. He wasn’t doing much at the minute, he admitted. Throughout his life, there’d been a couple of tax liens, a string of petty controversies in previous judicial jurisdictions, but he was living now, he said, with a new old lady—a Mexican American no less—in a walled-in neighborhood somewhere near Vegas.

Lil Dog told me he came charging up Interstate 15 a few days earlier, after he’d seen one of Bundy’s sons get Tasered on cable TV.
  • Bonnie2607

    czasownik "charge" ma też znaczenie " to attack someone or something by running very fast towards them"
    to "up" tam jest pewnie kwestią tego, że tak brzmi lepiej (clean up your room/ clean your room)
    Więc tutaj pewnie będzie tak jak napisał ornityna. Coś co ma związek z szybką jazdą.
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