Came to an abrupt end.

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Hola, esta frase cómo se usa? Es formal? Lo usais a diario?
Es que he lo he visto en otro thread y en Google hay muchos resultados.
  • catymueller

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    Something came to an abrupt end... can be used in all types of context, normal conversational language as well as work.


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    I googled for these and they seem natural:
    The conversation came to an abrupt end
    Honeymoon reaches an abrupt end for Flintoff

    to come to an abrupt end - acabarse de un golpe, acabarse abruptamente


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    I recently came across a reference to the phrase: se vino abajo. The context for this, in brief, is: Aquella misma noche, todo aquello para lo que tanto había trabajado se vino abajo. The literal translation of this phrase is, something like: the wine itself downstairs. This phrase appears to be an idiom meaning, "came to an abrupt end." I could not find any confirmation for this, however.
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