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I have learned each one of these words (caminar, pasear, and andar) as "to walk", but there must be some sort of difference between them, as to when they are used or how they are used. If there is a difference, what is the difference between these three words? Thanks!
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    Good question !

    Caminar: walk : exaclty walk

    Pasear: to go for a walk: you can use "pasear" if you go walking with your dog also, you say "Fui a pasear al perro". From this verb, there is the word "paseo" which means trip.

    Andar: walk: it means walk, but it can also be used when you want to express how the things are going: ¿Cómo anda tu trabajo? ¿Cómo andas? (how is your job going?, how are you doing?)

    Got it ? ;)


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    When you say "CAMINAR" you are speaking about walking with a propose (normally pleasure but also to think, to evade from any problem, to do exercise, etc.).
    "ANDAR" is just walking.
    And PASEAR is for pleasure only.


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    Algunos ejemplos:

    Diana camina con elegancia. *Diana walks with elegance. :D
    Bernarda anda por el parque. *Bernarda is walking around the park.
    Ruth pasea todas las mañanas. *Ruth goes for a walk every morning.
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