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    Hello, folks..
    District Attorney Steven Bebb said Daniel Roland Lankey, 30, told investigators he and another man were attempting to burglarize the Plastic Industries plant in Athens on Jan. 29 when they encountered James Jeffrey Beene, who had been camping at his business after several burglaries.
    My question:
    Is the underlined means that the person is fixing and arraning his own business(plant) or he is camping out to revive his soul to forget the incidents of burlaries?
    Thank you in advance.
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    No. It means that he was basically living at his business. There had been several burglaries and he knew that an empty office/business would attract the thieves. Accordingly, he tried to occupy the building by "camping out". He probably had a cot set up to sleep on and he used the office coffee machine and microwave oven to cook his meals. He might have driven home for a hot shower and a change of clothes but then headed right back to the business to make sure that the lights were on and that anybody poking around would know that the building was occupied.
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    I see..Thank you, Dimcl.

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