'Camp counsellor' in British English.

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Hello everyone,

What do you call a person who is in charge of a group of people at a camp? I've heard the term 'camp counsellor' in American English. Is it the same in British English?
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    There isn't the same cultural background in BE. It is possible that the same term might be used, or a different job title. You should probably consider that there isn't a generic term in BE the way that there is in AE.


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    The American job is described at Camp America's website -> Counsellor.

    As Glasguensis points out, this is not a British concept (and, as far as I am aware, it is not a concept in the rest of the BE-speaking world.)

    The job might be described as 'group/team leader', unless it were, for example, the Boy Scouts/Girl Guides, in which case they probably have specialised terms. But, as usual, a full sentence with some context would help.
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    When I was a teenager we had counsellors in summer camp in Ireland. I'm not sure if someone there had just copied it from an American camp or if it was/is in widespread use.
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