Camp (countable, uncountable)

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Is a noun "camp" as a place where chiefly young people go on vacation and take part in activities countable or uncountable? An example can be like this: "She spent two weeks at wrestling camp this summer./She spent two weeks at a wrestling camp this summer."

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    Camp is definitely countable, e.g., "She went to a basketball camp and a space camp last summer" (or "She went to basketball and space camps last summer," though that's a bit less clear) and "The Girl Scouts and the Campfire Girls both have camps in this area."


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    I think it can be used uncountably as well if you are speaking of "wrestling camp" as an activity rather than a specific place so I would say that both are correct.
    She spent two weeks at wrestling camp. = She was participating in the activity.
    She spent two weeks at a wrestling camp. = She was physically present at Minihaha Wrestling Camp. She may have been a camper, an employee, or she may have stayed there for some other reason.
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