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  1. flaka& New Member

    hola me pueden ayudar a traducir esta frase.. gracias.. el contexto es de IT technologies.

    la frase dice:
    "...Campaign-to-cash business process for Hi-Tech.."
  2. lmgutie

    lmgutie Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Can you expand the context? Can you paste here the full sentence?
    It seems to be " campaña a efectivo..." but more context would clarify that.
  3. flaka& New Member

    solo dice asi :
    FGH has invested significantly in developing joint products & special initiatives on ATT platform with ABC:
    1. Joint Product Development:
    1.1. Campaign-to-cash business process for Hi-Tech

  4. lmgutie

    lmgutie Senior Member

    Mexican Spanish
    ¿Tiene sentido el texto que propuse?
    "Proceso de negocio de campaña a efectivo para Hi-Tech"

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