Can 자 be a measure of volume?


Another question. In the wikipedia chart of Korean measurements, 자 is listed as a Korean foot, or 30.3 cm. But in the sentence I'm trying to translate, it sounds like it should be a measure of volume, not length. The paragraph quotes a recipe for how to make jehotang (green plum tang) from a 1715 book. First the herbs are boiled down. "식거은 반드시 백단가루 2전과 사향 1자를 넣는다." "After cooling, be sure to add 7.5g of sandalwood powder and 1 of deer musk." Any ideas? Thanks.
  • Hooami

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    As you know, 자 is usually used as a measure of length. As a native Korean speaker, I've never seen the situation using 자 as a measure of volume. I also searched the sentence you said, and I guess the usage of 자 in that sense is obsolete and used only in that time.